This is a supportive space where we come together to connect, converse, and get real about our healing.
We are a virtual community of compassion, learned wisdom, authenticity, and empowered growth.

A Letter to My Addiction

I don’t know what to say to you, yet have so much to say. Leaving you is hard. It took me a long while to realize that…

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Secondary Infertility

Not being able to conceive a second child has been one of the hardest experiences of my life…

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Becoming the best version of myself

Not It took me a long time, and a lot of training and education to learn that the ways in which I evaluate…

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Challenging Negative Thinking Worksheet

Our minds are a continuous whirlwind of thoughts, often under-the-radar and slipped by unnoticed…

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Setting Boundaries

Understanding and setting boundaries may seem easy but it can be a lifelong challenge…

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Restaurant Anxiety

“Let’s go out for dinner.” Scary words for those of us struggling with an eating disorder…

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Self!sh: Your Playbook For Life

Life can seem so hard sometimes. Many of us feel lost, alone, and fully overwhelmed. Until we found Self!sh

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Life can be so challenging, complicated and messy.
We all struggle with our own issues and in our social media obsessed world we have seen a massive increase in mental health awareness, where these issues are brought to life. That being said, and coming back to reality (away from Instagram) we are still living in a broken system where the access to help is almost impossible to find. This leaves so many people feeling extremely alone and isolated. This is why I felt the need to help.

The idea of struggling and feeling completely alone is a story I know all too well.
I spent most of my life battling a raging eating disorder that left me suffering in the debilitating darkness of anxiety and depression.
Cycling in and out of the disease’s stronghold for years, I lost friends, I lost time that I can’t get back, I ruined my body in ways I can’t undo, and the hardest part was the severe emotional pain that I carried with me day to day. Time passes by quickly, and often we find ourselves coping in destructive ways. My eating disorder only intensified, as did my struggle with depression, and I fell down a rabbit hole of despair. Feeling disconnected, severely helpless and just plain old tired of pretending to be ok, my options to get better were looking very bleak. Fast forward to today, and I am lucky enough though to be sitting here typing this letter because I was fortunate enough to get the help I needed. The road to recovery was rife with difficulty and tons of setbacks, but I cannot fathom having done it without a network of solid support. My journey let me to pursue a second career in Counselling Psychology, and after completing my Masters degree, I set out to help others.

With the need for support at an all-time high, and continuously growing, we decided to use our online platform as a source of healing.
And here we are, at ILTMentalHealth.
Our goal is to expand into support groups focused on various issues so many of us battle, opening up the conversation, challenging stigmas, spreading awareness, and offering free services.
And we’d love for you to join us.

We want to hear from you!